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Aditya D. Mohite

Aditya D. Mohite

Phone: 505-665-2246
Fax: 505-665-4063
Email: amohite@lanl.gov

Professional Career

  • December 2009 - Present: CINT/PCS Joint Postdoctoral Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico
  • June 2009 -December 2009: Postdoctoral Fellow, Materials Science Department, Rice University, Houston, Texas

Education and Training

  • 2007: PhD Electrical Engineering at University of Louisville, Louisville, KY
  • 2001: MS Physics (Electronics & Solid State Physics) at M. S. University, Baroda, India
  • 1999: BS Physics at M. S. University, Baroda, India

Research Interests

  • Optical & electrical characterization of nanostructures
  • Charge dissociation processes in photovoltaics & 1D systems
  • Band- gap tuning in sp2 carbon systems
  • Nano-scale device fabrication

Selected publications

  • A. D. Mohite, B.W, Alphenaar, T.S. Santos & Jagadeesh Moodera “Observation of triplet exciton in EuS coated Single wall nanotube” Nature Nanotechnology4, 425 - 429 (2009)
  • A.D. Mohite, P.Gopinath, H.Shah & B.W. Alphenaar “Exciton dissociation and Stark effect in the photocurrent of individual single-wall nanotubes” Nano Letters 8(1); 142-146 (2008)
  • A.D.Mohite, P.Gopinath ,H.Shah,B.Nagabhirava,T.Bansal & B.W. Alphenaar “Influence of strain on the optical properties of single-wall nanotubes” Nano Letters 7(10) 3092-3096 (2007)
  • A.D.Mohite, G.U. Sumanasekera and B.W. Alphenaar “Field Enhanced Photocurrent Spectroscopy of Excitonic States in Single-wall Carbon Nanotubes”.  Nano Letters 6, 1369 (2006).
  • A.D.Mohite, S.Chakraborty, P. Gopinath, G.U.Sumanasekera and B.W.Alphenaar “Displacement current detection of photoconduction in carbon nanotubes” Applied Physics Letters 86 061114 (2005).
  • A.D.Mohite, G.U.Sumanasekera, K.Hirahara, S.Bandow, S.Iijima and B.W.Alphenaar “Photocurrent Spectroscopy of Double Wall Carbon Nanotubes” Chemical Physics Letters 412 (2005) 190-194.

August 2010

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